Sound Masking Systems

Distractions can be a detriment to your everyday life. Even the workplace is not immune to distracting noise, especially within a cubicle office environment. Background noise consisting of co-workers talking loudly on the phone, annoying office machines, and other stressful bothersome sounds can hinder your concentration or invade your privacy. ComDesign’s certified technicians can help by installing white noise with a sound masking system. It helps improve the tolerance of sound to keep a happy, healthy, private workplace for everyone.

Because white noise contains all frequencies, it is used to mask sounds in places like:

– Business Offices
– Trade Secret Environments
– Medical Facilities
– Law Enforcement
– Military Facilities
– Government Offices
– Churches & Places of Worship
– Real Estate Offices

We digitally create white noise by adjusting and tuning all of the frequencies to generate equal amounts of each frequency. We then test and calibrate the sound to ensure that all the frequencies are present in the correct amount, creating a soothing sound signal, which relieves stress to maintain your business growing in a positive atmosphere.